Does anyone else have the absolute inability to say "no" when a charming Girl Scout asks you if you'd like to buy some cookies?

Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales are underway across the Treasure Valley and I caved on the first day I was back from my honeymoon.  There was a troop set up at the Parkcenter Albertsons last week and before I made it to their table, I already knew I was going to buy a few boxes.  On the way into the store, I asked how much they were this year so I could get cash back and purchase them after I was done shopping. That's when one particularly persuasive young saleswoman told me they were $5 and they were accepting credit this year.  I couldn't help but giggle on the way into the store.

Truth is, I will ALWAYS buy Girl Scout cookies when I see a Cookie Booth sale.  In college I joined the Kappa Delta sorority and one of our national philanthropies is Girl Scouts of the USA, so I feel like it's my duty as a sister to support these young women during their time as a scout.  Unfortunately, that means my husband and I are consuming WAY more calories than we should be during cookie season. (I've watched the man take down an entire box of Tag-A-Longs down in one sitting, even though he's trying to diet.)

Well, did you know there's a way to support the Girl Scouts and NOT expand your waistline?  They have a program called "Cookies from the Heart" where you can buy a box of cookies at a booth sale and have them donated to the Idaho Foodbank to help our food insecure neighbors in the Treasure Valley.  Even better? The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage also have a partnership with Dairy West who've agreed to donate $1 for every box of donated cookies to help buy milk to go with the cookies! Support young women, give back to those less fortunate and not consume thousands of calories in cookies? Win, win, win!

Booth sales and the "Cookies from the Heart" program continues through March 17! Click HERE to find a booth sale closest to you!

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