"Make them yourself. They're better homemade." Trust me, I have...but the kind of time it takes to make these? It's a luxury that I just don't have! 

Growing up, I was a picky eater. My family loved having at least one dish from our Croatian, Slovak or Polish heritage on the table on major holidays. The sight and smell of them were enough to churn my stomach and I absolutely refused to east most of them. Why did absolutely everything have to have cabbage in it? Even worse, why did it have to have cabbage that was fermented by lactic acid in it?! That's what Sauerkraut technically is and that grosses me out. I'm familiar with lactic acid being what makes my legs feel heavy when I run. I don't want to eat that.

The one food I didn't object to from the Polish side of my family? Pierogi! Not familiar with them? They're a type of boiled dumpling that are often filled with some sort of potato filling. Potato and cheese is the most common and by far, my favorite. Some people love to slather them in butter. Others serve them with sautéed onions and bacon. Sour cream is usually another tasty way to top them.

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They were probably one of my favorite dinners as a kid and are definitely a comfort food in our house...but you can't find authentic pierogis ANYWHERE In the Treasure Valley! I'm talking authentic pierogi. Not the Mrs. T's kind you buy in a blue box at Albertsons.

Ha'Penny in BoDo used to have them on the menu, but when they closed their doors at the very beginning of the pandemic last March, they never re-opened. The closure became permanent in September and DeLuca's, a new Italian restaurant opened in it's place a few months ago.

I found them in the Whole Foods prepared foods case once, but that was years ago.

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I've searched menu after menu online and I can't find ONE restaurant in the entire Treasure Valley that serves them! I can't be the only Polish kid that lives in Boise, right? I think the first restaurant that has the guts to put them on the menu will find them to be a huge success.

Of course, if I'm wrong and by some chance you DO know of a restaurant here that serves them let me know! I'll be forever grateful for your leg work and find a way to treat you to a dish of them!

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