Brenda and I have conversations about what we would do with $1,500,000,000 if we won the Powerball drawing.  Aside from the annuity, or taking the lump sum, what would I do?

Brenda wants to put together foundations for this or that, which is fine, but it sounds like too much work.  I would want to work at playing. I would hire people to do everything that I would rather not do, like clean the horse stalls.  Every day it's house cleaning for horses.  For that matter, since we take the horse "stuff" to the neighbors field, I would buy a poop-shooter and be able to launch it there. Now that would make cleaning horse stalls play.

I would hire someone to do the lawn, mow it, the whole thing.  It takes an average of 5 hours to mow and edge our lawn and that's with two of us on riding mowers. I would also have fruit trees planted on our fence lines. I love apples, especially Fuji's. Throw in some pear, cherry, and peach trees and I would be a happy camper.

Yes, I would remodel the house and get a new truck.  Then I would go out to eat every day for a month and leave huge tips, just to make their day. Oh, I would still go on the Mee at Sea cruise and cover all sorts of things for people on the cruise.

My charity foundation would be spending money and  just handing out tips for anything. I do have an invention that I not only know would be a big money maker, but would also provide jobs here in Idaho and I would launch it and then make millions in just the US off it.

OK, I did think of something I would start some sort of foundation for. Maybe I would just take all the money I would be making from my invention and roll it over for this, that way it would go on forever. I would put together a foundation to help cancer patients be able to cover their bills that insurance doesn't. I know the sting of that one and it's stupid that people lose their homes and live in almost poverty because they have to pay a hospital. Dang, now I went and got serious.

What would you do?

Kevin Mee