Trying to explain Jack's Urban Meeting Place, better known as JUMP, to someone who doesn't live in Boise is one of the toughest challenges you'll ever face. 

It defines itself as a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise. That answer is rarely good enough for someone as they stand outside in awe of one this architectural marvel. The follow-up questions just flow.

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Get our free mobile app's a convention center? Depending on your event? Sure. JUMP's got a handful of great meeting spaces like the Pioneer Room or JUMP Room that's perfect for hosting a community fundraiser, gala or educational lecture. They've got some smaller spaces like The Deck or Garden Terrace that are great for something like sunrise yoga or luncheons. If you're hosting an event that meets their mission of "creating an environment of inspiring human potential," you can likely rent a space there. They don't do private events like weddings, birthdays, etc.

Ok...but it's an also an amphitheater? Yup. They've got a beautiful grass amphitheater on the property where they've hosted everything from concerts to cosplay contests.

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Wait...I thought it was a park? Yeah, it's a park too. The JUMP Park is made up of the front lawn, amphitheater, Celebration Circle, Pioneer Plaza, Blue Top (a multi-use sports court that can be used for everything from basketball to pickleball,) mister and three-story climbing structure.

Uh huh...what about that big slide? How do I ride that? Well, that's a question that's been a little tougher.. The five-story, illuminated spiral slide finally opened to the public in 2019. At the time, it was open for a few hours on Thursdays from May-October and Saturdays starting in June as long as weather permitted. Unfortunately, they didn't get the chance to open the Spiral Slide or eight-person, near vertical Team Slide the following spring thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BUT, that changed this August! JUMP officially reopened both of its slides on August 7. They're open on Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m. and during the final JUMP, Jam & Jive concert on Tuesday, September 14 from 5-8 p.m.

If you want to ride the slides, JUMP offers you these reminders:

  • Must be 44 inches tall
  • Min 3 years old
  • Max weight cannot exceed 330 pounds
  • Please don’t ride if you have a heart condition, back or neck injuries, claustrophobia, or if you are pregnant
  • Personal items such as purses and backpacks are prohibited on the slide

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