Now that you know why those brightly colored pumpkins are popping up all over your neighborhood, you may be on the lookout for food allergy safe homes on your trick or treat route!

Luckily, the Food Allergy Research & Education non-profit has made it easy to find out which homes will be giving out safe, non-food trick or treat items! Like NextDoor's "Treat Map,"  FARE has an interactive map on their Teal Pumpkin Project website where neighbors can add their addresses as a home participating in the initiative to make kids allergic to common Halloween candy ingredients like milk, nuts and chocolate, feel more included while trick or treating. In fact, many of the homes that have marked themselves as "participating" even list what they plan on giving out!

These homes say they're participating in 2017.  If you'd like to add your home to the map just click HERE.

  • 3452 South Virginia Avenue, Boise

    This family will be offering small toys for allergy kiddos as well as candy for siblings and friends who don't have allergies.

  • 9817 Gurdon Ct, Boise

    This family has glow sticks and other small non-food items.  If you see this post, they want to know that the "Teal Pumpkin Project" is how you found their home.

  • 12856 West Telemark Street, Boise

    House Z will have a non-food item.

  • 10593 North Bridle Way, Boise

    This home is stocked with non-food treats and candy for non-allergy sibilings

  • 1004 West Deer Crest Street, Meridian

    This family is offering non-food items for kids with allergies and candies for friends/siblings who don't have sensitivities to any allergens.

  • 6480 East Shellbrook Drive, Nampa

    Calling themselves the "Real Pumpkin House," this Nampa family is passing out toys, stickers and trinkets instead of candy.

  • North Fielding Way, Nampa

    The Veach Family didn't leave an address, but they're not far from the "Real Pumpkin House."  They've got both non-food and candy treats.

  • 16970 North Werrington Court, Nampa

    Swing by for an allergy safe treat!

  • 1534 Gold Street, Middleton

    This family has a celiac son, so they're doing non-food Halloween treats in his honor.

  • Laramie Avenue, Middleton

    The Fitzsimonds didn't leave their exact house number but they'll be giving out notepads to kids that stop by their home!

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