Jump on to Zillow or Realtor.com and you'll see that there's no shortage of beautiful, multi-million dollar luxury homes on the market in Ada County. Absolutely none of them stick out quite as much as this one. 

Some are ready to build homes with little to no character at all. One was very special to film legend. Another was designed to look like a mini Sun Valley Resort. This home is very, very different from those.

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This one looks like somebody picked it up out the home of some of the most legendary fine art, cuisine and wine in the world and plopped it down in Meridian. It seriously looks like it belongs in the Tuscany, Italy but it's actually located in the a gated community where the smallest your home is allowed to be is 3500 square feet.

There's a handful of lots still available to build on inside the community known as "Stonebriar on the River" but this home has been there since 2012 and belonged to the lead developer at a Boise based construction company. Take a look around inside. You're going to be fascinated by what you see!

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