A tiny Idaho town with a population of just over 2,000 is the last place we expected to find a 42-acre playground like this. Who knew that this $3.5 million would pop up just 45 minutes from Boise? 

When you think about how out of control Idaho’s housing market has been, especially in Boise and its surrounding suburbs, it’s easy to roll your eyes at a luxury home listing. But the more and more we learned about this incredible property at 3705 Elmore Road in Parma, the more we fell in love with it.

Rashelle Boyer/Premier Group Realty West
Rashelle Boyer/Premier Group Realty West


One thing you’ll notice is that there are A LOT of cool sports features on the property: an outdoor volleyball court, a dual-purpose indoor gym marked for both basketball and volleyball, a professional grade CrossFit gym, two professionally designed golf greens, two motocross tracks and just enough clues for us to piece together who’s the home belonged to. 

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One of the owner’s sons plays golf and basketball for the College of Idaho. His sister followed in their mom’s footsteps and went on to play volleyball. She’s currently on the roster for the Yotes. Their dad used to rid motocross professionally. And knowing all of that, all we can see when we look at this home is the love of parents who wanted to give their kids every opportunity they could to excel at the sports they loved. 

…and have some fun along the way! Not only does the home have volleyball, basketball and motocross amenities, but it also has its own go-kart track, watering hole with cabana and more! They're truly features you have to see with your own two eyes, so take a look around. 

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