We’re not entirely sure what the strategy for selling this enormous home in Hailey is. We are, however, sure that a home that looks like THIS has a story to tell! 

Honestly, we were surprised to see 11882 State Highway 75 back on the market again. When Realtor.com removed the listing for this property in April, we thought that maybe someone had finally purchased the enormous home! If you look through the property history they list for the property, it’s been on and off the market for over eight years and at no point does it indicate that the seven-bathroom, six-bathroom home sold to someone. 

Nick Maricich/Sun Valley Sotheby's International Realty
Nick Maricich/Sun Valley Sotheby's International Realty

It was recently relisted at a higher price than the last four times it was listed, which has us scratching our heads. The last time it was listed, it was listed for $8.9 million. This time, the asking price is $11.5 million! 

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At 16,258 square-feet modern marvel is the biggest single-family home for sale in Idaho and yes, there’s a story behind who it belongs to. After doing some internet sleuthing, we found out that this property is nicknamed the “Bloom Ranch.” That Bloom is Jake Bloom, who was one of the most powerful celebrity lawyers in the world before he retired in 2019. 

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Bloom’s firm represented HUGE names like George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis and Johnny Depp (although, that last relationship didn’t end amicably.)

With such an impressive client roster, it's no surprise that Bloom amassed a fortune big enough to have famed architect Fred Fisher design this over-the-top home in Hailey. Several of his clients also owned property there. It was scheduled to be auctioned off in January 2018 with a starting price of $11 million. We can't find any records of who won that auction or if it even took place. Records seem to indicate that the property is still owned by the Bloom Family Trust.

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Bloom's wife is an art enthusiast so its interior design is quirky, colorful and creative. Want to take a look around? Be our guest!

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After doing some digging, we tracked this home in Hailey back to retired celebrity lawyer, Jake Bloom. Bloom has represented the likes of George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis and Johnny Depp. He and his wife had it built in 1994 and have been trying to sell it for over 8 years. At 16,258 square feet, it is the largest home for sale in Idaho in July 2023.

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