Spend enough time Zillow surfing and you’ll quickly realize that sometimes bookshelves, floorboards and even some doors aren’t what they seem! That’s certainly the case when it comes to an extraordinary $1.5 million home for sale in Eastern Idaho. 

Over the years, we’ve stumbled across things like mini-bars hiding in closets, full pantries hiding behind what looks to be a regular kitchen cabinet and floorboards that lift up to reveal spiral wine cellars. At this luxury home in Idaho Falls, the incredibly cool hidden room is hiding behind what we assumed to be a laundry chute. 

Anderson Hicks Group/Keller Williams Realty East Idaho
Anderson Hicks Group/Keller Williams Realty East Idaho

We initially stumbled across the $1,475,000 home at 5590 E Canyonwood Circle while searching for Idaho luxury homes with their own theater rooms. Not only did this one fit the description, but it also had a unique feature that many other home theaters don’t. The room has a little stage in front of the screen that looks big enough for a few musicians to use for a performance. Perhaps they already have! It looks like there is a guitar in the corner of the stage. 

Anderson Hicks Group/Keller Williams Realty East Idaho
Anderson Hicks Group/Keller Williams Realty East Idaho

While the theater room may not be one of the most creative we’ve seen, it did pique our interest enough to keep looking through other photos of the home and we found some other cool things like a suspended swing in a little girl’s room, rec room with a ping pong table and basketball game, fitness room and some whimsical murals on the home’s lower level. Those murals tipped us off that this home may have a secret to hide! 

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Eventually, we found it! Squeeze through the door of the built-in playhouse and you’ll discover a hidden, jungle-themed room with its own slide and hand swing. It’s impossible to describe how truly cool it is in words, so we put together a little tour of the home to show you this super cool feature that we could’ve never dreamed of ourselves. 

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Doors, floorboards and bookshelves aren't always what they seem! In the case of this Idaho luxury home, it's the laundry chute that isn't what it appears to be from the outside!

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