Apparently, $28.5 million for a home in McCall is too rich for anyone’s blood. After a pretty significant price drop, the home on Migratory Ridge Way is no longer the most expensive home on the market in Idaho! 

The sellers, whoever they are, have dropped the selling price down to $23.5 million. And that seems to be the trend when it comes to over-the-top Idaho luxury homes that have been sitting on the market. Just before Christmas 2022, Vegas casino mogul, Steve Wynn, listed his 11-bedroom retreat in Ketchum for $27 million. It’s still on the market. It’s still expensive. But the price has dropped significantly. It’s down to $19,995,000. 

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So if it’s not the McCall home and it’s not Steve Wynn’s property, where is the most expensive home on the market? You’ll find it in Northern Idaho and it’s probably going to look familiar. The property is at 5468 W Carnelian Drive in Coeur d’Alene. It’s flashier and more extravagant than the other two properties and it’s also not the first time that it’s been the most expensive listing. 

Last year, the home was on the market for $30 million. Had it sold for that much, it would’ve become the most expensive home ever sold in Idaho. Instead, it sat on the market for about four months before they pulled it, switched realtors, freshened up the photos and relisted it at the end of July for almost $6 million less. 

Melissa Murphy/Prime Real Estate Group
Melissa Murphy/Prime Real Estate Group

We’ll tell you this, it’s no less jaw-dropping than it was last year! Check out the new photos of this over-the-top, but stunning home!

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