When developers started laying out the plans for Downtown Boise's Grove Hotel in 1997, they originally planned on stopping at 13 floors. 

According to McAlvain Companies Inc., the company that built the hotel and events center, the plans eventually changed to incorporate four additional floors that would be home to up to 20 luxury condos.

Eventually, that community of condos was given the name Boulevard 255 and has shared its space with the hotel, Idaho Central Arena, an upscale restaurant (Emilio's, now Trillium) and a fitness club since the project was completed in 1998.

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These luxury condos are something that hotel guests, Idaho Steelheads fans and event attendees rarely get to see BUT one of them just went on the market for $1,500,000! That means we have a unique opportunity to see what one of them looks like!


Unit 1405 came on the market on October 6, 2022 and it's taught us that each condo could look absolutely nothing like the one next door to it. Unit 1403 was for sale in 2021 and while it shared some similar features, like floor-to-ceiling windows, it looked very different from this one!

Take a look at Unit 1405 and then keep scrolling for a tour of 1403!

What Does a $1.5 Million Luxury Condo Inside the Grove Hotel Look Like?

Unit 1405 was recently put on the market, so take a look around and satisfy your curiosity!

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The luxury condos on the top four floors of Downtown Boise's Grove Hotel are something that many of us don't get to see. Since someone has decided to move on from theirs, we're getting a sneak peek inside one of them!

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