This lavish luxury home in Eagle has only been on the market for 16 days. Something about it feels very, very familiar and we're embarrassed it took us so long for it to click!

Located at 1262 W Wickshire Ct in Eagle, just a stone's throw from Banbury Golf Course, this home's architecture was heavily inspired by the Sun Valley Lodge. In fact, the front entrance looks very much like the stone and wood façade you see in this photo of the actual Sun Valley Lodge snapped in 2016.

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There's no doubt that the $3.8 million home in Eagle is meant to be the little sister of Sun Valley Lodge and there are certain aspects of it we think the builder really did better than the original! Yes, the pool at the resort is nice and a really beautiful place to enjoy fresh falling snow, but there's just something about the shape and size of the pool in Eagle that takes it to the next level!

Naturally, we wanted to know who built such a beautiful home and that's difficult to say. Public records seem to indicate that it's belonged to the same family since 2006 when it was built. Those records list the trust of Jerry and Muriel Caven as the primary owners in 2021.

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If that name looks familiar, we're going to assume you are a Boise State fan. Jerry and Muriel are indeed the Caven part of the Caven-Williams Sports Complex at BSU. In 2006, the Cavens were part of a joint $3 million donation, along with Larry and Marianne Williams, that helped build that complex. In 2010, the families got together again to donate another $5 million to go toward the Bronco Stadium expansion project.

Jerry passed away in 2019. He lived an incredible life as a teacher, restaurateur and real estate developer who used his success to better the lives of others. He and Muriel traveled the world volunteering their time for ministry projects. His legacy far exceeds this home that's been part of the Caven family for quite some time, but the home is pretty spectacular.

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