Can you binge watch like a pro? Then it's time for you to cash in! 

What are you binge watching right now? The second season of Ozark dropped on Netflix over Labor Day weekend and a lot of people are very invested in the Jason Bateman drama. Personally, I'm trying to prep myself for American Horror Story: Apocalypse by going back and watching the Murder House and Coven seasons since some of the characters from those seasons will pop up in season eight.  (BTW, I don't recommend watching Murder House while you're home alone. I had no idea my husband had called maintenance to come fix our bathroom fan while I was out of town and almost peed my pants when someone knocked on the door while I was watching it.)

No matter what you're binge watching, you've proved to yourself that you have an incredible attention span while sitting in front of the tube.  Well, if you can prove that to, it could pay you big bucks! The company is on a search for someone willing to watch 100 hours of television content this fall and report back on their experience with the most popular live streaming TV service.  In exchange for your time, they'll reward you with a $2000 paycheck!

The perks? Each of the seven streaming platforms they want you to test will be free to you during your employment term and you can watch any event that you want, as long as you're taking stellar notes. You can also work wherever you want, whenever you want as long as you log your 100 hours of TV-watching by November 1!

Think you're just the Idahoan for the job? Then apply for the dream job HERE! (PS, submitting a YouTube video introducing yourself is highly encouraged!)

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