When Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew rolled into town last summer, the entire city was buzzing about it! Flash forward to March when the first episode shot in the Treasure Valley aired and all of a sudden, all of us wanted to put a paper bag over our heads. 

Of the four episodes shot in our area, producers chose to air the most dramatic one first. The episode titled “Hideaway from Reality” featured The Hideaway Bar & Grill in Meridian. From the get-go, Taffer was underwhelmed with the building itself. From the outside, it certainly makes a statement. But inside? The Bar Rescue host thought it was a terrible layout for a restaurant. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

As the episode gets rolling, you see some of the same issues you’ve seen time and time again on the reality show. The bar is understaffed. The glassware is dirty. The recon team doesn’t like the food. But from there…things spiraled. Several reviews alleged that the owner had a drinking problem. When Taffer confronted him and the staff about the reviews, no one appeared to be straightforward with him. He eventually decided to pack up his team and take off without starting the remodel. That’s only happened three other times in the 12-year history of the show.

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It was a disaster. And kind of embarrassing for the first time that the Boise area had been on this particular show! Luckily, Taffer seemed to enjoy most of the time he spent in Idaho. Earlier in the episode he said: 

Spending time in Boise, one thing that has really stood out is the community and their support of local businesses. And although the rescues had been challenging in one way or another, they’ve been very rewarding, each in its own unique way.

Well, after months of waiting, we FINALLY get to see one of those rewarding rescues and it happened outside the big cities of Boise and Meridian. This particular rescue took place in Horseshoe Bend, a small town of 802 that many people overlook until they drive through it on the way to McCall. 

This week’s episode titled “Horseshoe Bend It Like Bar Rescue” features the former Corner Cafe Barn & Grill which is gifted the new name “The Country Barn.” The episode description reads:

Jon must save a small country bar in rural Idaho from going under while teaching the General Manager how to be a true leader.

According to Facebook, the general manager is LD Bauer. She appears in both the preview for the new season that Bar Rescue tweeted in February and in the montage in the Hideaway episode where Taffer shares those kind of words about the other Boise area rescues. 

Twitter/Bar Rescue
Twitter/Bar Rescue

Most of their recent reviews on Google have been four or five-star ratings. Whether that was the Taffer touch or LD and team always had what it took to impress the small town, we’re excited to watch the episode! They haven't released the preview clip for this weekend's episode yet. That's something the show normally does on Fridays, so we'll drop it right here when we see it!

How to Watch Horseshoe Bend's Appearance on Bar Rescue

It’s scheduled to air for the first time on Sunday, May 14 at 8 p.m. on Paramount on both Dish and DirecTV.  Sparklight doesn’t offer Viacom channels, so it won’t be on local cable.

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