Over the last few months, Boise’s gotten a lot of attention on TV shows! But did you know that it used to be a favorite destination for one of the longest-running reality television shows of all time? 

Last May, PBS brought their crews to shoot some episodes of their long-running series Antiques Road Show. The episodes finally aired this month. 

Jon Taffer and the crew from Bar Rescue rolled into the Treasure Valley to help some struggling bars in Meridian, Nampa and Horseshoe Bend. The episode shot at the Hideaway Bar and Grill in Meridian already aired and well…it might just go down in history as one of the cringiest episodes in the history of the show. The episodes shot at Meridian Lanes, Firehouse Sports Pub and Corner Cafe will air later this spring. 

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And Guy Fieri’s been spotlighting a ton of local favorites during the current season of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We’ve seen him return to West Side Drive-In and sink his teeth into tasty meals at Alyonka, Taj Mahal, Tango’s and Saint Lawrence Gridiron. We know there’s still an episode featuring Sunshine Spice Cafe and possibly one more Boise restaurant to come. 

Those TV appearances are all top of mind because they JUST happened or are happening in the near future. But do you remember the times that Boise appeared on COPS? The origins of one of the longest-running reality TV shows in history date back to a 22-week-long writers' strike 35 years ago.  During the strike, FOX needed to find a low-budget option that didn't require union writers and took a chance on the COPS concept. 

It’s bounced around from FOX to Spike TV to Paramount before being shelved for a brief time. FOX Nation ended up picking it back up in 2021. 

Throughout the show's history, Boise has appeared on COPS a few times. Many of those episodes are still on YouTube. You can watch some of the clips below In several videos, you’ll notice that our local officers often offered substance abuse help resources during the calls they were responding to.

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Fiber Optic Ghost

Spelling Bee


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