Whether it's football, basketball or hockey, watching sports with friends at a sports bar just hits differently than watching it from your couch. 

We could go on and on about why it's more fun to watch at the bar than at home. For one, it's a heck of a lot easier to watch multiple games at once somewhere that prides itself on having a plethora of screens.

Sports are also a great ice breaker. When you see someone wearing a jersey or fan gear for a team that doesn't have a big following in Boise, one of the first questions you want to ask is "are you from there?" If they are, they'll likely excited to tell you about what it was like cheering for the team growing up. If they're not, they'll probably tell you why they're sporting those colors. As a family of Cleveland Browns fans, this happens to us a lot and we've gotten to meet some interesting and often like-minded people this way!

Plus...you don't have to clean up the dishes after having some good old fashion pub grub and a few cold beers. (Just make sure you tip the server cleaning up after you well!)

Yelp has four pages of "sports bars" listed in Boise, so there's no shortage of good ones to choose from but which area sports bar earned the honor of being Idaho's best sports bar? Mashed counted down the "Best Sports Bars in Every State" and gave the distinction to Taphouse Pub & Eatery in Downtown Boise. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

What makes them a great destination for watching a game? 44 beers on tap. 16 large screen TVs. Every sports package that you don't want to pay for at home. Their food is pretty darn good, too!

We'll admit, we've only been in a handful of times since they opened in 2012 and that's mainly because we were in a committed relationship with Old Chicago Downtown before they closed. Now? Honestly, we forget they're there because the restaurant is so well tucked away below whatever they're calling the Capitol Terrace parking garage these days. We did stop there for the second half of a game earlier this year and enjoyed the hospitality. Maybe this honor was the world's way of telling us to go back!

Is Taphouse not exactly in your neck of the woods? We asked around as the NFL season was getting started where the best places in town to catch a game were and this is what you told us!

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