As you begin to plan your Fourth of July celebration, you may be considering doing your own fireworks display in your driveway. Some things to consider before spending hundreds of dollars at the fireworks stands is that the laws regarding fireworks in Idaho are a little strange. You would think that if particular fireworks were illegal to set off in the state, they would also be illegal to sell, but that isn't true. If you want to legally set off fireworks, you have to stick to the basics like sparklers. The fireworks that you light and shoot off are generally illegal to use, but legal to sell.

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According to the City of Boise, banned fireworks include firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80's, skyrockets, bottle rockets, mortar shells, and Roman candles. It is also to set off fireworks of any kind in the foothills.

Another thing to consider on the Fourth is your pets. Often times, shelters are flooded with dogs and cats who have run off from their homes because they were frightened by the noise. Many families don't ever re-claim those pets, and shelters desperately seek new families to take them in. If you care for your pet, keep them inside, where at the very least, you can reassure them and keep them calm.

We want you and your entire family to have a safe and healthy Independence Day weekend.

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