The city of Boise celebrated Independence Day in a huge way last with fireworks decorating the skies of the Treasure Valle last night. Amidst all of the stunning colors and thundering booms, Ada County first responders were hard at work putting out fires around town. Thanks to an app called PulsePoint, we were able to track how many emergencies that Ada County first responders were called to.

Screenshot via PulsePoint
Screenshot via PulsePoint

From the hours of 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, there were a total of 61 emergencies reported, or an average of roughly 10 emergencies every hour. That means there was an emergency reported every 6 minutes.

That doesn’t mean, however, that safety measures weren’t put into place. According to the website for Ada County, there was a “fireworks prohibition in effect for certain areas of unincorporated Ada County.”

As you can see on their interactive map, the areas prohibited were mostly the foothills and areas with tons of vegetation. According to Ada County Commissioner Kendra Kenyon, the fire at Goose Creek last year influenced the decision to implement the ban.

“Last year’s Goose Creek fire, which was caused by illegal fireworks, burned more than 400 acres of landfill property dangerously close to our onsite powerplant,” she said in a statement on the website for Ada County.

“This is the area where all collected landfill gas is consolidated for use in power generation. With how much rain we have recently had, there is much more vegetation that can burn.”

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear there were any major fires but there were quite a few incidents reported. Before we get to those numbers it’s important to note that these stats are coming strictly from the app, PulsePoint. So, not only could these numbers be skewed, but there could have been more incidents reported.

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