Everything is expensive right now. Gas. Housing. Groceries. $10,000 would go a LONG way right now.

Facebook/Idaho Lottery
Facebook/Idaho Lottery

Right now, there are 21 different Idaho Lottery tickets that have their grand prize-winning tickets worth $10,000 or more sitting at gas stations, grocery stores and other lotto retailers waiting for you to win big with them. All of the tickets on this list have grand prize jackpots worth $10,000 - $1,000,000 million dollars!


There is some strategy to finding those big jackpots. Games that have a higher percentage of their tickets sold mean that your odds of finding a ticket containing that big jackpot are better. This information isn't some heavily guarded government secret. It's actually information that the Idaho Lottery has readily available on their website that's updated regularly!

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Everyone in the Treasure Valley is feeling the effects of an overvalued housing market, inflation and high gas prices so we did a round-up of Idaho lottery scratch tickets with unclaimed top prizes of $10,000 or more. Having this list in your pocket the next time you go grocery shopping may just help you find a little financial relief!

Important note: This list is up to date as of June 14. If you're visiting it a week or more after it was published, the remaining tickets may not be accurate. Visit Idaho Lottery's website for the most up-to-date odds! 

Idaho Lottery Scratch Tickets with Jackpots $10,000+ Still In Stores

This list is up to date as of June 14!

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