Thanks to out-of-control inflation, just about everything is expensive right now. 

According to Forbes things like food, electricity, natural gas, furniture/bedding, household cleaning products and rent prices have seen the largest increases over the past year. 

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We’ve already touched on the fact of how outrageous rent prices in Boise have become. According to, Boise saw the second-highest month-to-month rent increase in the country in May. By their numbers, rent in Boise has gone up 9.6% from this time last year and 45.2% since the pandemic began. 

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Obviously higher rent prices don’t affect everyone in the Treasure Valley. But food prices? That’s a different story. The need for food affects EVERYONE and according to Trading Economics, food inflation has increased for nearly 11 months. In April it reached 9.4%, the highest that it’s been since April 1981. 

We’re sure that the rising total on your Albertsons or WinCo receipt is as frustrating as not being able to get the products you want or need due to supply chain issues. Which foods have you noticed getting more and more expensive? 

We pulled up the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics “Consumer Price Index” for their “West area” which includes Idaho. We were able to search the year-to-year percentage change for the prices of 22 different grocery items. Of the 22 items that came up in our search, the only item to see a decrease in cost was a pound of fresh tomatoes. 

Here’s a look at which grocery items saw the biggest increase in price from 2021 to 2022. 

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