Whether it’s cracking down on shoppers who use coupons or adjusting lights/sound in their stores to improve the shopping experience for people with sensory issues, any time that Walmart makes a change, it’s major news. 

Love it or hate it, Walmart continues to sit atop the list of the biggest retailers in the United States. The National Retail Federation reveals that the big box store did over $449.65 billion in retail sales in 2022. That’s nearly double the sales of Amazon, which ranked #2 on the list. A major part of their success is how many stores they own across the country. When the NRF released their list, Walmart had more than 5,300 locations in the United States including 26 in Idaho and 280 in California. 

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While it may not be anyone’s “favorite” grocery store, it is still a popular destination for families to do their weekly shopping. Walmart’s known for its low prices, but over the last few years they’ve had to raise their grocery prices to keep up with food inflation. Luckily, food inflation has started to come down from an all time high of 11.4% in August 2022. In January 2024, it was down to 2.6%, the lowest it’s been since 2021. 

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That’s why they’re adjusting prices again and that’s GOOD news for shoppers in the Gem and Golden States! According to Food & Wine, Walmart ‘s CEO mentioned in a recent earnings call that the store has recently dropped the prices on certain foods like eggs, apples and deli snacks. 

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If you dig through the full transcript of that call, the company’s United States gave some other examples of price cuts the store was able to make. John R. Furner said that they’ve been able to drop the price of a loaf of French Bread back down to $1. He also said the price of rotisserie chicken is down $1. 

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They seem optimistic that the deflation trend will continue, allowing the country’s largest grocery store to continue lowering prices in the months to come. It’s something to be grateful for! 

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