There are a lot of reasons Idahoans shop at Walmart. The fact that you can buy everything from groceries to electronics to tires. The variety of brands they carry. Proximity to your home. 

But primarily, people are drawn to the low prices you’ll find when you shop at any of the 26 Idaho Walmart locations. In a day and age when the cost of so many different products has crept up, we understand the desire to bargain shop. However, Walmart quietly rolled out a new policy to crack down on shoppers who use coupons to score even lower prices on the items in their cart.  

Walmart’s New Coupon Policy

While Walmart doesn’t have its own coupon program, it will accept paper coupons from a manufacturer. That includes internet manufacturer coupons with GS1 barcodes that you print out at home or work. The store will NOT accept digital coupons. 

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Those basic rules haven’t changed, but a couponing website called “Coupons in the News” noticed that the retailer updated their coupon policy for the first time in six years on September 24. One of the biggest changes they noticed is that Walmart will no longer give cash back or apply overages to the remaining items in your transaction if the coupon you have is greater than the price of the item. That includes any WIC or SNAP items.

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Under the old policy, some situations allowed Walmart to apply those overages to the total price of your order and give you cash back if there was still an overage after your balance was covered. 

You Better Hope That Your Coupon Scans

Coupons in the News says that an image of an internal memo made its way around the interwebs, telling associates that the software at the registers would be updated to handle other changes to the policy. For example, if your coupon doesn’t scan, your cashier or their manager can’t override it. The register is the know all, end all. 

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They’ll also limit you to 4 identical coupons per household, per day unless the coupon says something different. The old policy read:

Walmart will follow the manufacturer’s limitations as stated on the coupon. Example: 4 coupons for the same item.

If you’re a hardcore couponer who didn’t know Walmart recently made these changes, you can read their coupon policy in full HERE. 

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