I love Christmas lights, but if these were on my neighbor's house I might have to move.  Wouldn't it be hard to sleep?  This display is awesome, and unreal.

How in the heck do they do that?  With lots of lights, time and dedication, electricity, and a really swift computer program.

These show happens every evening, every 15 minutes until January 1st at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas.  The animals might be a little freaked out by all the flashing, but it looks cool.  If this never happens in Boise at least our animals at the zoo will be sane.

This is a 52,000-pixel light show that Good Housekeeping says it took 300 hours to create. A display similar to this used to be on Matt Johnson's house, but it caused so much traffic congestion in the neighborhood that they had to move it to the zoo this year.

Impressive.  And also something to be thankful your neighbors do not have!

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