It starts with a vanilla cake donut, and you decide how to customize your creation from there.  Peanut butter coating with graham crackers and a chocolate drizzle maybe?  Go for it!

If a donut topped with peanut butter icing and banana and marshmallow drizzle makes you want to run not walk to the nearest store that hits that craving, you're in luck.  A donut shop that draws a crowd at stores around the U.S. is open now at The Village at Meridian and it will hold an official ribbon-cutting this weekend.

After getting inspired on family vacations on the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina, owner Russ DiGilio said he decided to open his own donut shop and stamp the Duck name on it.  He said the vacations were fun and relaxing, but the area was missing fresh donuts, and that was all he needed to launch made-to-order Duck Donuts.  And now, the Peanut Butter Fluffernutter is coming to the Treasure Valley.

Duck Donuts says it's the fastest-growing donut shop in the U.S., and it could be because donut lovers need more places to have trouble making up their minds.  Wow, this sounds fun!  The possibilities for combinations of coating, drizzles, and sprinkles are endless, which could help satisfy the pickiest family members but could also be overwhelming for those of us who don't know if we're craving chocolate coating with rainbow sprinkles, or strawberry coating with chocolate chips.  Or graham crackers.  Or Oreos.  Or bacon for goodness sakes.

Duck Donuts does list some already-tested fan favorites to help customers who don't know exactly what they want, or want it all and have to settle on something.  The Peanut Butter Fluffernutter is a vanilla cake donut with a peanut butter coating and a banana and marshmallow drizzle on top.  That seems like it would take the stress right out of deciding on a wild custom combination.  Done.

Duck Donuts is hosting an official Duck Hatch grand opening and ribbon-cutting this Saturday at the Village at Meridian.  They're located next to Chipotle.

Maybe Chocolate Icing with Chopped Peanuts and Marshmallow Drizzle?  Start pre-meditating the over-indulgence right now and combo it up.  2021 keeps getting better all the time.

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