So much for a well-kept secret.  If you live in this Treasure Valley spot, pick up some extra Dum Dums and turn the light on, because word is gettin' out that your street rocks Halloween.

The #1 place to Trick-or-Treat in America is right outside of Boise.


Pop Sugar came up with these Halloween hot spots thanks to Smart Asset, using factors including how many single-family homes are packed into the area, the percentage of kids under the age of 14, median home value, and average temperature on Oct. 31.

Nampa wins!

Nobody in America does it better they tell us.  Congrats guys.  You must be passing out full-sized candy bars and letting the kids grab more than one package out of your Minion pumpkin bowl.  And no pencils, stickers, rubber bracelets, or spinny tops. Nice work.  Apparently, Seattle and Portland can learn from you.

Check out the Top 10 Places to Trick-or-Treat in the US, according to Pop Sugar.

1. Nampa, ID
2. Orem, UT
3. Aurora, IL
4. Kennewick, WA
5. Longmont, CO
6. Dearborn, MI
7. Elgin, IL
8. El Paso, TX
9. Kenosha, WI
10. Olathe, KS

Congrats again, Nampa.  Now if we can just do something about those creepy clowns...

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