Getting ready to take the kiddos out to grab their haul of Reese's Cups, Snickers Bars and Candy Corn? The best city to trick or treat in across the entire nation is just a short drive away! 

It looks like the third time's a charm for Nampa! Smart Asset just released their annual list of the best trick or treat cities in the United States and for the third consecutive year, Nampa checked in at the top of the list! Smart Asset puts together their rankings based on local crime rates, single family home density, population percentage of children, temperature and chance of precipitation.

The study concluded a higher number of kids under the age of 15 in a neighborhood and single family homes being close together lead to fuller pillowcase of candy. Nampa ranked pretty high in those metrics but what really stood out to Smart Asset was Nampa's weather.

According to their data, it only rains once in every 167 Halloweens.  This year is supposed to be dry, sunny and close to the average high of 58.5º (57º.)  It was really those two factors that catapulted Nampa to the top of the list again.

Live in Nampa and are trying to plan out the best plan of attack to get the most candy possible? If you live in the community you can join NextDoor for free and check out their "Treat Map" of which homes are passing out candy this year!

Where are you and your kiddos trick-or-treating this Halloween? In your opinion, which neighborhoods have the best treats?

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