That tradition of visiting Santa, waiting in line, then paying way too much for pictures can be a frustrating part of the holiday rush.  It can also be something special.  It was this year.

Connell - Santa 2016 2

My kiddo and I went to Salt Lake City this weekend, to catch a Jazz game and spend a little time together to kick off the Christmas season.

It's something I've done (a quick Christmas trip) for most of his life and even when his mom and I were married.  For me, it's a fun way to start our holiday season.  We go to a nearby city, stay in a hotel, grab a couple meals, do a little shopping, look at lights, and pay a visit to the man with with reindeer.

When I asked about visiting Santa this year, he was a little more tentative.  He's starting to "ask questions," and I have been really careful to just turn them back and as "what do you believe" or "do you think that's how it works?"  I think we're at the part where "reasonable doubt" might be creeping in.  I get it.  I was younger than he is when the questions became more powerful.

Connell - Santa Visit 2016

I was glad that he still was game for the picture this year.  My gut is this may be the last, so when he said "you should do it too," I thought, "yeah, why not."  So we both visited Santa this year, and it was a great memory.

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