Idaho's known worldwide for their Famous Potatoes and it's near impossible to make a potato dish that isn't delicious. So, what's the grossest food to come of the Gem State?

According to Thrillist who ranked every state's grossest food that people actually love, Idaho's grossest meal has nothing to do with our spuds.  This good comes from Idaho's beautiful rivers.  You might not realize this, but the Gem State is one of the leading producers of American beluga, aka American caviar

That's right, Idaho's grossest food is sturgeon eggs! According to Fish Breeders of Idaho, the delicacy was introduced to the masses in 2004 and it would appear that anyone selling it is making a killing.  We found some Snake River Royal White Sturgeon Caviar through Browne Trading and it costs anywhere between $95 for an ounce to $3,350 for a kilogram! We should also mention, it was so popular that it's completely out of stock.

So what's it taste like? Amber, dark charcoal to black in color these firm medium to large fish eggs are supposedly mild and buttery with a clean, pure finish.

...sturgeon eggs get a hard pass from me.  I'll stick to my potatoes and finger steaks.

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