School has started and the fall routine has begun, but there's already a three-day weekend ahead that's begging for us to goof off.  Ideas, we need ideas!

Catching a high school football game or throwing a backyard barbecue are great ways to embrace the extra-long weekend.  And shopping too of course!  There are good deals on electronics, appliances, and mattresses, we hear.

But if you want to hit the road for a little bigger adventure, these fun Idaho destinations might be just what we need to celebrate the end of summer.

The Best Idaho trips, according to include:

Yellowstone National Park - water and geysers and plenty of animal photo opps.  I went to Yellowstone last summer, and we saw elk, antelope, chipmunks, 224-degree hot springs.  And the ice cream was good too.

Cascade - rivers and hot springs galore.  This is another great place to get a breath of fresh air and experience nature, and that's always a good stress reliever.  It won't be long before the rivers are covered with ice and snow, so we've got to take advantage of the views now.  And it's only an hour or so north of Boise.

Boise - bike trails and the Greenbelt and all the great craft beer.  We don't have to travel far for that.  And the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic!  That starts today and runs through Sunday at Ann Morrison Park.

If you're in the mood for a romantic resort or lodge, some ideas include Bear Creek Lodge in McCall, the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch in Nampa, and Silver Creek Plunge in Garden Valley.  Some of those are just far enough away to get out of the routine, but not so far away that you have time to get into a fight with your sig other in the car on the way, and that's always a bonus.

Gas prices are the lowest they've been in years over Labor Day Weekend and prices are expected to drop this fall too, so it's a great time for a road trip.  Pack some nuts, protein drinks, some frozen grapes, and our mobile app, and it's on.  Have a great holiday!

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