When you bought your last home, what factors did you consider? If you're raising a family, you no doubt wanted it to be safe for your kids, have plenty of family activities around and it didn't hurt if you were nearby your child's school.

Which neighborhoods in Boise check all of those boxes and make for a great family experience? According to one website, these are the ten neighborhoods that rise to the top. Niche.com dug into 13 different factors to rank more than 30 neighborhoods in the city of Boise. Their grades heavily weighted the quality of public schools, higher education rate, cost of living, crime & safety and housing.

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They also took into account how close the neighborhoods were to family amenities like parks, libraries and other cultural activities, access to outdoor activities and how walkable the neighborhoods were.

Keep in mind, this is just the opinion of one website, but it's interesting to see which part of Boise these neighborhoods are in! You can see their complete ranking of 32 Boise neighborhoods HERE. 

The 10 Best Boise Neighborhoods to Raise a Family

Niche.com applied their methodology to over 30 neighborhoods in the City of Boise. After grading neighborhoods on quality of schools, safety, access to family amenities and other factors, they determined these are the 10 neighborhoods where you'd love to raise a family in Boise.

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