I've seriously visited their website and stalked them on Facebook for months trying to figure out if movies at the Terrace Drive-In were happening this year or not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reignited interest in drive-in movies, partially because drive-in theaters following proper social distancing guidelines at all times were given the green light to reopen weeks before the "Idaho Rebounds" plan officially began. Parma Motor-Vu wasn't shy about letting movie goers know that they would re-open the weekend of April 24.

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The Treasure Valley's other drive-in theater? Well that was kind of a mystery. I think I've visited the new website they launched in 2020 every single day since April 22. The message on the website reads "Closed for the 2019 Season. We will reopen in April 2020."

I've also stalked what appears to be a Facebook page for the drive-in, but the only post on the page is a picture of one of the screens uploaded in February 2018. A few weeks ago, I noticed that a Facebook user posted this link in the comments section of that post. The website's been showing movie listings weekly since the week of June 5 with dates that match up correctly with a 2020 calendar. I was hesitant to say anything, because calling the number for the theater sends you to a generic voicemail box.

It took Garth Brooks announcing all of the drive-in theaters that will be showing his concert on June 27 for me to verify that I'm not just seeing things. Terrace Drive-In is listed as one of the nostalgic theaters receiving a screening.

The Facebook user who posted the link on the Facebook page mentions on his page that he's been involved with the location since 2005 and that tickets are $8 for adults (consistent with the pricing from 2019.) The link lists throwback classic E.T. and Oscar award winner 1917 as the films for this upcoming weekend.

Click HERE for more and to get familiar with their COVID-19 protocols.

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