When 2020 started, we really thought we'd be spending June 27 with you for the 11th Annual Boise Music Festival. COVID-19 had other plans. Now that you've got the date free, you can take advantage of this first of its kind experience! 

Late yesterday afternoon, Garth Brooks announced that he would be performing a one-night only concert that would show on the big screens at over 300 drive-in movie theaters. We saw the announcement while we were hanging out at Chaparral Elementary's end of the year celebration.

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It included an e-mail address to reach out to if you wanted to request the show at a drive-in theater near you. We were prepared to beg our listeners to request Parma Motor-Vu as one of the lucky outdoor theaters, but by the time the parade wrapped up we noticed that Karen Cornwell had confirmed that Parma Motor-Vu is getting the concert. Cornwell is the former owner of the drive-in. Her daughter, Susan, is now runs the show in Parma.

Unlike the movies that Parma Motor-Vu has been showing since they opened in late April, this screening won't be on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets for the show need to be purchased through Ticketmaster. They are $100 per vehicle. That fee covers a maximum of six people per vehicle.

Tickets go on sale Friday, June 19 at 10 a.m. MT. You can book mark Garth's Ticketmaster landing page by clicking HERE. 

The drive-in will continue to follow it's COVID-19 protocols during the show. You can learn more about those HERE.

While we wait for June 27, you can relive Garth's once in a lifetime concert at Albertsons Stadium by watching the music video that he shot on The Blue with Blake Shelton!


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