The summer of 2021 is here and it's time to rediscover your bucket list!

From concerts like the Jonas Brothers, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon to as many days as you can spend soaking up the sun at Roaring Springs. From summer road trips to McCall and the Oregon Coast and to firing up that new grill and relaxing next to your first backyard fire pit...we want you to have enough summer cash to do it all!

That's why we're teaming up with our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union to stuff your wallet with LITE-FM's High-Low Dough!

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Here's how it works! Be Caller #7 at 8:10, 9:10, 11:10 or 3:10 to take a guess at how much cash is in our High-Low Jackpot. If you guess it right, all of that money is yours! If you guess it wrong, we'll tell you if your guess was too high or too low, in order to help you get closer the next time!

If you're NOT Caller #7, keep track of the incorrect guesses so that you'll gave you best guess ready when you do get through!

FYI...gas prices are expensive, Prime Day is right around the corner and that's why the jackpot always has AT LEAST $107 in it!

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