The Idaho Legislature continues to roll on to its conclusion that most experts believe will happen before the end of March. In addition to the usual suspects of the proposed bills, one bill impacts public education and perhaps creates future millionaires.  

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With a third weekly draw added to the Powerball, jackpots are getting bigger faster and lottery fever is growing! If you believe where you buy your tickets matters, these are fifteen Idaho Lottery retailers that have cranked at least one, if not multiple, winners of $100,000 or more!

The House is considering a bill that would allow Powerball to stay in Idaho. The popular lottery game could be going away due to its announcement that it will expand to foreign countries. The legislature is concerned that the bigger the game gets, the less control Idaho will have over the game.  

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Did you know the Idaho Lottery is very transparent when it comes to exactly how much scratch ticket money is still floating around Idaho on unsold tickets? We checked their website on Wednesday, February 9 to find out which tickets had the biggest prizes and how many of the tickets for those games have been sold. This is what we found out! (Again, this data is current on February 9, 2022.)

Have you noticed on Facebook ads from the Idaho Lottery urging you to contact your legislators to save Powerball in Idaho? We've looked at the lottery page to see if the ads were on their page, and they are not. The Idaho Press reports that Powerball brings in 28 million dollars a year to the state and 14 million funding Idaho Schools.  

The proposed legislation would keep the current Powerball contract, allowing Idahoans to play the big game. The challenge for any lottery advocate is that Idaho has a long, rich tradition of keeping gambling illegal in the Gem State. Other states have legalized gambling, but their decisions have not influenced Idaho politicians.  We will continue to monitor this story to keep you updated on the movement of this bill.

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