When we shared our adventure guide for relaxing hot springs adventures less than two hours from Boise, a lot of you shared a similar gripe. "They're always so busy!" 

Well, if you hate those crowds this is a unique opportunity for you to OWN a hot spring in Garden Valley! It's one of the cool amenities included with the one-of-a-kind cabin for sale at 15 Snowsprings Dr. According to the property listing, the crystal clear, mineral-rich waters of the soaking tub hover around 155º.

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In fact, the soaking tub isn't the only place you'll find those pleasant geothermal waters. The adjoining lot can't be developed because that same 155º water will shoot out of the ground periodically and put on quite the show! There are also ponds on the property fed by the year round and seasonal creeks that run through it.

The geothermal features are almost as unique as the cabin itself. The one bedroom, one bathroom home was built in 2009 and is copper-sided. It's considered part of the Castle Mountain Creeks Sub Division, so in the event that you get bored of your own hot spring, you can also use the HOA's geothermally heated pools or jacuzzi. They're less than a 100 yards shown the street.

You can tell the family that designed the cabin put a lot of love and work into the process. Take a peek around to learn some more cool things about the property!

15 Snowsprings Rd, Garden Valley - $550,000 - 1,110 Square Feet

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