Getting ready to take the kiddos out to grab their haul of Reese's Cups, Snickers Bars and Candy Corn? One of (but not the) best city to trick or treat in across the entire nation is just a short drive away! 

I demand a recount! Smart Asset just released their annual list of the best trick or treat cities in the United States and for the first time since 2015, Nampa is NOT the #1 city in the country.  They were leap frogged by Orem, UT who was #2 in 2016 and 2017.  Now sitting in the #2 spot, Nampa is tied with Kennewick, WA.

So how does Smart Asset put together their rankings? This year they took a look at housing density and stock, crime rates, percent of kids under 15 and weather.

It looks like Orem ousted Nampa because there's a higher percentage of kids under the age of 15 in a more house dense area.  They also had a significantly lower violent crime rate than Nampa.

That said, Nampa still can't be beat when it comes to weather! Based on historical data of weather on Halloween night, there's only about a .6% chance of kids needing a poncho to throw over their costumes.  The average high on Halloween in Nampa is 58.1º so there's never really a huge need for packing on the puffy layers beneath their get-ups.  2018 is following the dry pattern, but right now the high for October 31 is a few degrees cooler at 52º.

Are we bummed we can't brag that Nampa's THE BEST trick-or-treat city in the country this year? Yes, but let's be honest...they'll always be #1 in our hearts!

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