During the holiday season, hot cocoa bombs were all the rage. Heading into Valentine's Day, a Nampa teenager has created the next big thing! 

Dave is 14 and is the mastermind behind Cloud Co. Gourmet Cotton Candy. The young entrepreneur explains on Facebook that he's trying to learn how to navigate his way through the business world by hand spinning gourmet cotton candy.

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He's got a great team behind him as his business starts to take off. His mom (affectionally known as the MOM-ager at Cloud Co.) serves as his investor, coach, social media manager and transportation. His dad is remodeling an area of their home to be a dedicated cotton candy studio.

Cloud Co. has experimented with over a dozen flavors that you may have never dreamed could be cotton candy. Blackberry, Irish cream, root beer, coconut, lavender, watermelon and butterscotch are just a few that Dave's offered customers since the small business launched in January.

He sells his cotton candy in 32 oz containers for $3, offers free delivery in Nampa ($5 delivery in Boise and outlying areas) and even has a small retail area inside Tona Transformations.

The rainbow of flavors Cloud Co. has isn't the only thing grabbing people's attention! They're offering the next big trend for Valentine's Day - Cotton Candy Bombs! When you dissolve these small balls of champagne flavored cotton candy in sparkling water, sodas like Sprite or white wines, you get a shimmering beverage! Available in red, silver or pink, the cotton candy bombs include a bit of edible glitter to make the shimmer effect happen.

Interest in grabbing a few of these as gifts? They run $5 a piece and you can find more details about how to order in time for Valentine's Day on Cloud Co.'s Facebook page! 


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