Thanks to James Cameron, a lot of us had a '90s obsession with the Titanic that at times could've gone just a little too far. 

Don't try to hide it. Your mom loved Avon and when you saw their Celine Dion 'Heart of the Ocean' replica necklace in the catalog, you convinced her to buy you one. You sat by your radio all day to record the version of "My Heart Will Go On" with the movie clips in it. And you were crushed to find out that Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson weren't actual real passengers on the doomed luxury liner, because now you had to come up with a new angle for your history paper.

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Sound familiar? If that walk down memory lane hit close to home for you, you HAVE to check out Amazing Escapes of Boise! Located on Overland, the escape room offers players five different games to chose from including one themed around the Titanic.

The Titanic game takes you back to April 15, 1912, about an hour before the stern of the ship sinks beneath the ice cold waters of the Atlantic for the last time. It's been about two hours since the iceberg punctured the side of the ship and ship designer, Thomas Andrews, predicts the "unsinkable" ship will indeed perish in a matter of hours. First class passengers are loaded into the limited number of lifeboat seats available, while steerage passengers are being locked in the cabins and lower decks.

You and your friends are locked in two of those cabins and will need to use your mind to escape before the ship sinks. You just figure our how to make contact with the other cabin and work together to solve uniquely themed puzzles. The challenge space is decorated in period décor and sounds that make you feel like you have indeed gone "back to Titanic."

4-10 players can play the game which gives you 60 minutes to escape. Players can choose between two difficult levels, 3.5/5 and 4/5. Right now the record escape time for the 4/5 level is 43:24 with no hints. The record for the 3.5/5 level is 32:56 with no hints.

Want to try it? Find out more about how to book your group to come aboard the Titanic HERE. 


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