While it’s sad, it’s not uncommon to see businesses like small, locally owned restaurants close their doors. The same goes for struggling, large retail chains on the verge of bankruptcy. But bank branches? They seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Money Wise explains that there are a few reasons for branches closing all over America. Mergers and bank failures have slowly contributed to a shrinking number of banks overall. Flash forward to 2007 when iPhones and other smartphones put the internet in the palm of consumer’s hands. Internet banking had been around a while, but smartphones made interfacing with it easier than ever. As apps got better and better, more people wanted to do their banking online than go into a traditional branch. Integrated Cash Logistics say that economic factors like inflation, recessions and housing market crashes may be contributing factors as well.  


Before closing a branch, banks have to give the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and customers notice that the branch is closing permanently. Customers usually find out through a mailer from their bank or a notice posted at the soon to be closed location The banks, however, don’t have to tell customers the reason for closing the branch. 

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Recently closed branches in the Boise area have been repurposed into some cool things. The old US Bank location on Parkcenter is now a martial arts studio. An old Wells Fargo on Chinden found new life as a wine bar. (They’ll let you look in the vault if you ask nicely.)

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While we admit that we rather do all of our banking online too, it is nice to be able to walk into the branch and get face to face help when we need it. Like when we find out that our debit card has been shut off because the bank was trying to protect us from a fraudulent payment. Or when our wallet gets stolen and we need to prove that we are who we are to get a new debit card. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the branch that we’re used to visiting doesn’t close. 

Right now we’re in the clear, but it may not stay that way. Five major banks serving Idaho and Washington State have given the OCC notice that they plan on closing branches this year. These are the locations listed. We’ve included the scheduled closure date if we could find it. 

8 Idaho Bank Branches Closing in 2024

The following bank branches have filed notice with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency that they plan on closing this year.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

11 Washington Bank Branches Closing in 2024

  • US Bank: 800 S Columbia Ave, Connell
  • Key Bank: 2707 Colby Ave, Everett
  • Key Bank: 3917 N 26th St, Tacoma (Closed April 26)
  • US Bank: 4040 Meridian Street, Bellingham 
  • Wells Fargo: 2358 California Ave SW, Seattle (Closed March 24)
  • Chase: 26603 72nd Ave NW Suite A, Standwood
  • Wells Fargo: 9750 117th Lane, Kirkland 
  • Bank of America: 16640 International Blvd, Seatac (Closing May 21)
  • Key Bank: 601 108th Ave, Bellevue 
  • Bank of America: 101 N 2nd St, Yakima (Already Closed)
  • US Bank: 801 N 39th Ave, Yakima

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