It may seem like a distant dream right now, but it won't be long before the weather gets warmer, and we begin to venture outside again before it gets too hot. When the weather is that perfect balance between too cold and too hot, we enjoy Idaho's outdoors to its fullest. There will always be the same old hikes, bike trails, parks, and sidewalks that we have always enjoyed, but this year there will also be outdoor adventures like you have never experienced.

A UK-based company called, CluedUpp, is bringing its outdoor escape-room-style games to the Treasure Valley this Spring. They have several themes for their games, but the first will be in the style of Alice In Wonderland on April 15th in Caldwell.

The games cost around $40 per ticket, suitable for six adults, and their children under 16 can play for free. The two to three-hour experience takes you around the city, and you should expect to walk between two or three miles tracking down clues using their app. Many people dress up to participate, and there are prizes for the teams that solve the mystery in the shortest period, take the best photos and other fun contests. Most of all, you and your friends and family will experience the streets of the Treasure Valley unlike before.

YouTube/Comfort and Joy
YouTube/Comfort and Joy

You will play the game entirely on your phone. Like Pokemon Go, you walk to different places where you have to do puzzles, mini-games, or other activities. You will be disappointed if you hope to see characters or props along the way. The only characters will be the ones dressed up in your and other groups.  Some reviews from other cities seemed disappointed that it was a phone game, but it may be the thing that gets you and some friends outside soaking up some Vitamin D and getting your steps in on a day when you'd otherwise be inside watching Netflix.  For what it's worth, most reviews that I found were positive.  I have included one of each at the end of this article.

If it sounds fun, they plan several events over the Spring and Summer. In addition to Alice In Wonderland in Caldwell, they will do a Smurfs-themed game in Boise on April 29th and in Caldwell on May 13th. They will debut their newest game, based on Beauty and the Beast, in Caldwell on September 16th before bringing it to Boise on September 30th.

See the trailers for each upcoming game below to decide if you and your family will want to go down the rabbit hole.

Alice in Wonderland - April 15th in Caldwell

Smurfs Great Escape - April 29th in Boise & May 13th in Caldwell

Positive Review

Negative Review

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