For decades, people have gotten a good laugh driving through Downtown Boise to get to the connector. American Cleaning Service on Front Street has a reputation for its quirky reader board, but they're not the only local business with a sense of humor!

I'm lucky enough to get to drive past one of the others every day on the way to the station. You can count on Gem State Dermatology on Parkcenter to either make you laugh with a pun or inspire you with some sort of uplifting quote. When they upgraded to a reader board sign, it became an instant hit in our neighborhood!

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The past year has been far too serious, so we love to see local businesses embrace some silliness and spread some smiles. Here's some of our favorites! If you've snapped photos of some good ones, click to HERE send them* our way and we'll add them to the gallery!

12 Boise Businesses That Nailed It With Hilarious Signs

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