We've walked past this pizzeria without realizing it was there, but one man who was determined to find the best pizza in the country had no trouble wandering in! 

That man would be David Landsel, an author for Food & WinePizza is one of those things that comes in all sizes, styles and shapes (sometimes a cone here in Boise.) Landsel claims to not have a favorite style of pizza, making him the perfect man for the job. During his quest, Landsel encountered so many pies, that he found there was a need to put together two different rankings:

  • The 10 Best Pizza States in the U.S.
  • The Best of the Rest (best pizza in the states that didn't make the first list)

We can't say that we're shocked that Idaho didn't find itself on the "Top 10 Best Pizza States" list. After all, we're a state known by outsiders for our potatoes and by Idahoans for finger steaks. What did shock us, was Landsel's TWO choices for the best pizza in Idaho.

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We feel guilty that we didn't know them existed, despite walking past it almost weekly. We're talking about Tony's Pizzeria Teatro, an unassuming restaurant that blends in with the side of the Egyptian Theater. We're now kicking ourselves for never wandering in because the reviews for this place are phenomenal. Many note that the crust alone is so delicious that it barely even needs toppings. Tony, himself, handcrafts all of the pizzas and has been called a "Pizza God."

Tony's was actually chosen as Landel's runner-up. His top pick in Idaho was also in the capital city. He picked Casanova Pizzeria, which closed in 2015 but eventually re-opened in a new location on Fairview in March 2021.

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