Are you guilty of sticking your hand into your child's Halloween bucket and enjoying a handful of sweet treats after they've gone to sleep? Here's a way to get that temptation out of your home for good! 

Dr. Scott W. Grant and his staff at DMD Family Dentistry in Meridian will take that candy off your hands and pay you cold hard cash for it! Their office is hosting it's annual Candy Buy Back even on Thursday, November 1 from 4-6 p.m. Dr. Grant will reward $1 for each pound of candy dropped off, up to $5 per person.

What happens to the candy after you drop it off? It's donated to Operation Gratitude, an organization who delivers care packages to military serving both overseas and in the United States. The care packages include everything from stuffed animals and playing cards, to socks and scarves. Every one of the 2.1 million care packages they've sent include a handful of Halloween Candy that comes from buy back events like the one at DMD Family Dentistry.

These care packages put huge smiles on the faces of our troops, so swing by and be part of this heartwarming event! Kids are encouraged to get one more use out of their costumes by wearing them to the Candy Buy Back.  They'll also have a chance to write a letter to the troops to include in Operation Gratitude Packages!

Find DMD Family Dentistry at 2275 S. Eagle Rd, Suite 140.

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