The hot weather this week is great for hanging out at pools and lakes, but there are things to watch out for too.  Here's our big summer-in-Idaho heads up.

A dermatologist told me once that because I'm so fair-skinned she wants me to wear sunscreen at work.  I reminded her I have an inside job, and she said, "I don't care, put it on.  Even if you're just sitting by the window cuz that sun will get you even if there's glass in the way."

OK, thanks for pointing out how pigment-challenged I am.  But it made me think too about the sun beating down on my head through the moon roof in the car, and wondering about what other second-hand blasts of sun I might be getting.  Do you feel your scalp get hot while you're driving?  It's hard to get sunscreen in there, but a hat might be good.

Skin cancer is no joke.  The American Cancer Society says it's the most common form of cancer in the US, and millions will be diagnosed with it this year.  The heat this week makes us feel like we're closer to the sun than usual, and we've got to not wimp out about lathering on the sunscreen.  It could save our lives, and it smells coconutty, like a nice happy hour drink.  Bonus.

Other hazards of summer when it's this hot in Idaho:

-- We break a sweat between the car and the front doors of the grocery store.

-- We get burns on the backs of our legs because all the shaded parking spots were taken, and the car seats soaked up flames while we were away.

-- Ice cream melts faster than we can eat it, so we end up sucking it out of the dish with a straw.

-- Bugs!  Mosquitoes, wasps, and other annoying flyers love us more this time of year than other.

It will be sunny and close to 100 this afternoon, but the 80s are on the way tomorrow and it will be cooler this weekend.  Nice!  But we better not forget the sunscreen.