Sunburned? Try This Miracle Cure
The experts say there's something we can do one hour after major sun exposure that will keep a horrible sunburn appearing.  This may come in handy this week with all of the high temperatures Boise has been seeing.
Boise Opens Cooling Station
The last few weeks have certainly demonstrated it's summer in the Treasure Valley, and with triple-digit heat this week and next, the City of Boise has opened a Family Cooling Center.
A Cooler Start To This Summer
We had one of the longest and heaviest snow-packed winters on record this year, so perhaps it's no big surprise that our summer has started out cooler than usual too.
Sure Signs It's Summer In Idaho
The official high temperature at our Park Center studios today as 101, but it felt MUCH warmer outside.  I jumped out to my car just to check, and in the shade, it was 107.

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