Waffle Love

Whoever thinks diamonds are a girl's best friend hasn't experienced the companionship of Waffle Love's grilled cheese waffles. And these aren't your everyday diner waffles, home slice. We're talking about two thiiick, delicious honeycomb-patterned griddle cakes

Just look at these Belgian beauties dazzling us like divas in the spotlight!

Photo by // Waffle Love // Canva
Photo by // Waffle Love // Canva

Love at First Bite

The day Waffle Love upgraded their grilled cheese from basic bread to yeast waffles was the day melted mozzarella met its match. From start to finish, each savory bite leaves foodies in anticipation of the next.

Waffle Love, we raise our mimosas to you.

Your innovation elevated grilled cheese from traditional comfort food to that of haute cuisine soul food. Bless you.

Grilled Cheese Quotes, Please

In case it wasn't obvious, grilled cheese groupies aren't shy about their infatuation with the hot and gooey sammy. We know we're Stage 5 clingers, and we own it. So before we cozy up on the couch and polish off the other half of our sammy, we have a few fabulous quotes to share from other grilled cheese enthusiasts!

  • "I'm just a regular 16-year-old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls." – Justin Bieber
  • "I'm into grilled cheese, grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful." – Emma Stone
  • "Men only need two things – grilled cheese and sex." – Emmy Rossum
  • "We hunger for significance, for signs that our personal existence is of special meaning to the universe. To that end, we’re all too eager to deceive ourselves and others, to discern a sacred image in a grilled cheese sandwich or find a divine warning in a comet." – Neil deGrasse Tyson

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