Less than an hour from Boise, you'll find a quirky nature trail lined with fairies, inspirational quotes and the occasional peacock! 

While it looks like we'll warm back up in time for the final weekend of float season, we've got cooler temperatures on the way Sunday. If 76º just seems too cool for you to break out the raft or take a dip in the pool, Cleo's Ferry Museum might be a great alternative for some outdoor fun!

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Outside of their Fourth of July celebration, Melba's not exactly known for being a swingin' hot spot but it is home to this quirky free family attraction! According to Atlas Obscura, Dr. Samuel "Pappy" Swayne and his wife, Cleo, purchased the property that used to be home to a ferry service operation to renovate into a place to live and operate Pappy's medical practice.

Pappy passed away in the late 70s and that's when Cleo's Ferry Museum was born. She got to work setting up unique works of art like fairy statues, birdhouses, gardens and sculptures pieced together with old horseshoes along a nature trail. There's also a cute building that kind of looks like a hobbit house there. The property was opened to the public and remains open today.

Trying to describe exactly what this enchanted outing looks like in words is nearly impossible, so we highly recommend checking out the photos that visitors have tagged on Instagram. They really show off the property's personality!

Just a heads up, the trail is only open to the public from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily if you're planning to take a trip! You can find Cleo's Ferry Museum at 1984 Highway 45 in Melba.


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