Less than a week from Halloween, and we are in prime pumpkin carving season. If you carved your pumpkin a week ago, the cold temperatures might have destroyed your artwork. If you carve now, your pumpkin will be in perfect shape come Halloween, and with the right design, you'll be the envy of your neighborhood, and your kids will think you're the coolest. Halloween is an excellent holiday for all parents to score some extra cool points with the kids.

I remember the first time I carved a great pumpkin. It had the face of Elmo on it, and as other kids walked towards our porch, and their eyes lit up, my kids saw me as a cool Dad. The kind of Dad that other kids wished they had. The type of Dad who they weren't embarrassed to have pick them up from school. Granted, this only lasted a few weeks. It's a feeling that only parents understand and a feeling that cannot be duplicated.

Here are some ideas that win the hearts of your kids and your neighbors. These designs are for Idahoans, whether you've lived here for fifteen months or fifteen years.

Idaho Vandals Pumpkin
Here's a way to Vandalize your pumpkin and support the University of Idaho.

Boise State Pumpkin
Maybe you're more of a Bronco than a Vandal. Here are two BSU options.

Finally, a design for anyone that call this state home.

Halloween On Harrison BLVD

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