Don't you kinda wish we could keep a secret?  I mean it's nice that Idaho gets recognized for being awesome and all, but as more people find out about the greatness, the bus loads of looky-loos want to roll in and clog up our roads and make our lines longer for snacks.

It IS good for the economy when Idaho gets recognized for having one of the top tourist spots in the country, even though we've got to share this honor with our neighbors in Wyoming.

US News and World Report says the Best Places to Visit in the USA include New York, Honolulu, Maui, Yellowstone, and Yosemite in the Top 10.

We share Yellowstone with Wyoming and Montana of course, but the majestic geysers, forests, hot springs, and elk probably don't care much about the state borders.  They're just doing their thing and we're lucky enough to scoot up next to them.

The #1 place to visit, according the US News, is a place you've probably either been to or it's on your bucket list.  The Grand Canyon.  It's 700 miles from Idaho, but worth the drive or flight, and it will produce a bunch of great new pictures to plaster all over your social media pages.

Despite all this, if you're thinking stay-cation this summer, what's the best spot to hit in Idaho?  In the Treasure Valley?  We do have some great sporting events, craft breweries,The Boise River, and The Greenbelt.  Oh, and snow skiing!  Let them try that at the Grand Canyon.

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