My ring of restaurants near our office continues to shrink and it's a total bummer! 

Raise your hand if you're like me and can't understand how your co-workers find the time to  get up and put together a lunch to bring into work.  I can barely remember to brush my teeth sometimes, so there's no chance of me being able to remember to grab a tupperware container from the fridge on the way out the door.  Instead I have a network of restaurants I'll rotate through to run and grab lunch. Zero Six Coffee Fix. Tin Roof Tacos. Taco Bell. Whole Foods. Subway...oh wait, no the Broadway location I normally dined at closed a few months ago. Well, at least there were some killer sandwiches down the street at Cobby's, right?

Not anymore! The iconic Boise sandwich shop announced via Facebook that their Broadway location actually shut down for good on January 26. I'm so bummed.  Their bread had a really unique flavor to it and made it perfect for dipping in their homemade clam chowder that I ordered every single time I went to the restaurant.

There is a silver lining.  Although it won't be as easy for me to swing through for lunch, you can still get Cobby's sandwiches and soup at their other two locations.  They do plan to keep the Overland and Chinden locations open.

Our friend Don at BoiseDev notes that the closed Cobby's was the original location and opened in the 1970s.

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